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Cimitero Monumentale

Milan’s enormous Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery in English) is extremely famous for its numerous beautifully decorated tombs. The mausoleums are so extravagant and original that it is considered by many as an open-air museum with genuine “works of art” from the nineteenth century until the present day.

Milan Monumental Cemetery
Milan Monumental Cemetery

One of the most impressive tombs, Monumental Cemetery
One of the most impressive tombs

Monumental Cemetery, tombs
Exploring the Monumental Cemetery

The Cimitero was founded in 1866 to unify several small and unsanitary cemeteries distributed in Milan.

An open-air museum

Measuring over 250.000 square meters, the cemetery has a large collection of Italian sculptures, Greek temples, obelisks and even a small version of Trajan’s Column.

As soon as you walk in through the main entrance you will see a type of “Hall of Fame”, where hundreds of Italy’s most renowned architects, sportsmen, actors, journalists, musicians and many others are buried.

Some of the most impressive tombs (and which are not to be missed) include a white sculpted tower that represents the life and death of Christ, belonging to the Bernocchi family, a curious pyramid built for the Bruni family and several sculptures representing The Last Supper commissioned by the Campari family.

It is the second largest cemetery in Milan and contains a Jewish section and other tombs of non-Catholic families.

To the left of the main entrance is a photography exhibition which shows the development of the cemetery. When you reach the end of the exhibition you will come across two electric hearses built during the 1920’s.


The Cimitero Monumentale is one of the most impressive attractions in Milan. Far from the typical dismal cemetery, it is a place packed with remarkable sculptures and works of art in all shapes and sizes. It will truly surprise all those that go and see it!

At the main entrance visitors can find maps of the cemetery with the most impressive tombs marked on it. It is definitely worth getting one to make sure you see all the beautiful mausoleums. 


Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale.

When to visit

Tuesday to Sunday: from 8 am until 6 pm
Monday: closed


Tram: Farini Ferrari, lines 3, 4, 7 and 11; Bramante Monumentale, lines 11, 12 and 14.
Bus: lines 37, 70 and 94.
Metro: Garibaldi, line M2 and Monumentale, line M5.


Cimitero Monumentale, location map

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