Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is divided between Bergamo and Brescia and is one of the most charming lakes in Lombardy. Despite being much smaller than some of the others in the region, Lake Iseo leaves nothing to be desired.

The lovely little villages that surround the lake are extremely tranquil and amicable, and visitors will disconnect completely, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Lake Iseo’s most charming villages

  • Iseo: Iseo is one of the largest towns in Lake Iseo and it's the main tourist destination in the area. Overlooking the lake, Iseo’s historic center will charm any visitor with its medieval buildings with porticos and its cobbled streets.
  • Monte Isola: Monte Isola is an island in the middle of Lake Iseo. With a surface of 4.5 km, Monte Isola is a green oasis that houses Rocca Martinengo, a castle from the fourteenth century.
  • Pisogne: Pisogne is a pretty commune on the north side of Lake Iseo. The green mountains and ancient buildings make a postcard-like image above the water’s edge.
  • Sarnico: is a municipality located on the southern end of Lake Iseo. It's protected by the mountains that descend towards the lake. A bridge separates Sarnico from the town of Paratico.

Getting to Lake Iseo

These are the best ways to get to Lake Iseo from Milan: 

By car

The easiest and fastest way of traveling to Lake Iseo is by car. If you rent a car, you'll be able to visit Lake Iseo and other close destinations like Bergamo. This area is approximately 55 miles (90 km) away.

Iseo is relatively easy to get to. Take the motorway in direction of Verona and take the “Iseo” exit. You can rent a car online on the following website:

By train

To take the train from Milan to Lake Iseo, you have to take the train from Milano Centrale to Brescia. Here, change train to Iseo. The larger lakes are more accessible than Lake Iseo.

It takes approximately an hour and costs between 14 (US$ 15.20) and 28 (US$ 30.40) depending on the day and time, 

On Trenitalia’s official webpage, you can check the timetables and buy the tickets online.

Getting around Lake Iseo

If you're planning on staying in the region for a few days, we recommend discovering Lake Iseo and its peaceful villages by car. If you do not have enough time, the best idea is to explore Lake Iseo’s various hamlets by ferry.

On the following webpage, you can check the prices and schedules of the different ferries:   

Or you can take one of the beautiful heritage railways which, although they only run on a handful of days each year, make for a unique way to get around the lake, soundtracked by the soft chugging of the steam engine. Click the link below to see if you're lucky enough to have a train running during your visit.