Lake Como

Lake Como, situated in the region of Lombardy, is the third largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, and its banks host enchanting villiages such as Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo and Menaggio.

Lake Como is a beautiful and peaceful inland sea surrounded by picturesque villages and hamlets: a great place to spend a relaxing and charming holiday.

Also known as Lake Lario (from its Latin name: Larius Lacus), Lake Como is shaped like an inverted letter “Y”, with three large arms; to the west is the town of Como, to the east is Lecco and to the north is Colico.

Lake Como’s charming villages

Lake Como has numerous charming villages. These are the most popular:

  • Bellagio: Located at the intersection of the three branches, Bellagio is Lake Como’s most famous village. It is a delightful little village with narrow, steep streets and stunning views of the lake. This village is truly special.
  • Varenna: Situated between the lake and the mountain, Varenna is a sweet little hamlet of Roman origin. Its walkways above the water and infinite stairs gain ground both on the lake and the mountain.
  • Tremezzo: The municipality of Tremezzo is a top tourist destination thanks to Villa Carlotta, a remarkable neoclassical residence sold in 1843 as a wedding present for Princess Charlotte of Prussia. Visitors can visit the mansion and its striking gardens.
  • Menaggio: Menaggio is a small medieval town which is beautifully preserved with an old castle tourists can visit. There are numerous villas and impressive villas by the banks of the lake, which make it a very agreeable walk.
  • Como: Founded by the Romans in 196 BC, Como is a very popular destination, especially because of its beautiful landscapes. We recommend taking the funicular to Brunate for some breath-taking views of the lake and the city of Como.

Getting to Lake Como

There are several ways of getting to Lake Como from Milan. The trip from the capital of Lombardy to the Lake District is very enjoyable if you decide to hire a car, since the roads offer stunning views of the lakes. If you do not want to drive, you can catch a train or book a guided tour.

By car

Renting a car from Milan is the easiest and most comfortable way of getting to Lake Como. We recommend getting a GPS with the car, since the signposts are not clear and it is easy to get lost.

If you would like to hire a car, you can click here:

By train

If you would like to get to Lake Como by train, you will have to get the train from “Cardona” railway station and take a one-hour train to the “Como Nord Lago” station. The ticket costs €4.80 and you can purchase them online clicking below:

One-day trips

There are one-day trips to Lake Como by bus. Once you are there, you will spend an enjoyable day visiting the picturesque villages of Lake Como by boat.

Getting Around Lake Como

If you are staying in the region for a few days, you will have time to discover Lake Como by car, although the most interesting and unique way of exploring the lake is by taking the ferries that cross Lario every day.

Lake Como has several inexpensive car ferries that will take you from one side of the lake to the other with your vehicle.

You can check out the timetables and rates of the possible routes here: