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Where to Stay in Milan

Although Milan hotel prices are not as high as in Rome or Venice, they are still relatively expensive. Nevertheless, if you book in advance you can find good deals in mid-range centrally located hotels.

Best places to stay in Milan

Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo

Milan is a relatively small city. Most of the town’s tourist attractions and museums are in the city centre or very close to it, so we recommend looking for a hotel near Milan Cathedral or La Scala.

The city centre is located between the following metro stations: Missori, Castello, Montenapoleone and San Babila.

If centrally located hotels are too expensive and you prefer to stay a little further out, make sure it is close to a metro station, so that you can easily get to the historic centre, where most of Milan’s landmarks are.

Hotels in Milan

If you book in advance, it is possible to find a double room in a mid-range hotel, located very near Piazza del Duomo for 100€ a night. Otherwise, if you don’t mind using the public transport system, you can find good hotels for approximately 50 euros per night.

To find the best deals we recommend our search engine where you’ll find the best accommodation rates guaranteed and discounts of up to 75%:

Apartments in Milan

Serviced apartments are a great alternative to a hotel or hostel, especially if you are traveling with a big group of friends or your family. To find the best offers, check out our search engine:

Hostels in Milan

There are very few hostels in Milan and the ones that exist are quite expensive. We would suggest booking a double room in a cheap hotel rather than staying in a hostel, as the price will be similar.

Nevertheless, if you want to stay in a hostel in Milan, we recommend these following websites: