Milan Transport Tickets and Travel Cards

Milan Transport Tickets and Travel Cards

One-way tickets, 24 or 72-hour passes, weekly travel cards... discover all the types of ticket and transport cards available in Milan.

All the tickets and travel cards are valid for all of Milan’s means of transport: urban buses, trams, Milan Metro and urban trains.

You can purchase the transport tickets in the various metro stations, in the off-licenses and in any of Milan’s parking meters. From 2020 you'll have to load tickets onto an electronic card, RicaricaMi, of personal use.

Public transport in Milan is free for kids under 14 years of age.

Most useful tickets for tourists

Single ticket

The single ticket is valid for zones Mi1, Mi2 and Mi3 and can be used for 90 minutes from its validation, making multiple trips on surface transport and also on the metro by entering, exiting and passing through the turnstiles. The price is 2.20 (US$ 2.40).

24-hour travel card

This unlimited use pass is valid for 24 hours after its validation, that is, if you validate it one day at 12:30 you can use the transport until the next day at the same time. It is valid for zones Mi1, Mi2 and Mi3 and its price is 7.60 (US$ 8.30).

72-hour travel card

The three-day travel card permits unlimited travel and is valid for 72 hours since it's first validated, costing 15.50 (US$ 16.90).

Ticket for your luggage

You'll sometimes have to buy a separate ticket for your luggage, depending on its size, and note that if you have more than one suitcase, you might not be allowed to get on the metro, tram, or bus.

The suitcases which can be carried onboard are very similar to the dimensions of the ones allowed on an airplane. The small ones (50 centimeters) are allowed on for free and the larger ones (50 x 90 centimeters) must have their own Luggage ticket. Suitcases over 90 cm are not allowed on Milan’s public transport, so you might want to think about taking another means of transport because you could be fined if your luggage is too large.

Other tickets and travel cards

10 standard tickets

The price of the 10-ticket card is 19.50 (US$ 21.20), offering a small saving compared to buying it separately. This ticket is non-transferable, it cannot be used at the same time by several people. Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the first validation.

Weekly 2x6 ticket

This travel card is not very useful for visitors. It allows you to travel twice a day for 6 days during the same week for 8.40 (US$ 9.10).

Evening ticket

This ticket gives you unlimited access from 8 pm until the end of the service. The price of the ticket costs 3 (US$ 3.30).

Special tickets for the Fiera Milano (Rho Fiera)

A ticket to the Fiera Milano on Milan Metro’s line 1 costs 2.55 (US$ 2.80) per journey. This ticket will allow you to change lines and take other means of transport for 105 minutes after first validating it.

Travel Cards

As well as the already mentioned tickets, Milan’s public transport system also has weekly, monthly, and annual travel cards. These cards are not so useful for tourists unless you're planning on staying in Milan for over a week, as the card itself costs 10 (US$ 10.90).

Where can the ticket be bought?

Milan public transport tickets can be purchased at metro machines, tobacconists and kiosks. There is also an SMS purchase system, but it is not cost-effective unless you have an Italian cell phone.

Further Information

For more detailed information on the prices and types of tickets available on the Milan public transport network click here.