Trams in Milan

Trams in Milan

Milan's trams have been present since 1876, although at that time they were horse-drawn. Even today some of the trams in circulation are relics, more than 80 years old.

The Milan tram network system consists of 18 lines that run until past midnight. The trams in Milan have longer schedules compared to the Milan Metro and the city’s local buses. The trams are numbered from 1 to 33.

Compared to the Milan Metro network, which was inaugurated not very long ago (in the second half of the twentieth century), the trams in Milan have been running since 1876, when they were pulled by horses. Unlike in Paris and other European cities, Milan has always kept its tram network system running. 

The trams in Milan are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around the city, thanks to its extensive network.

Historic trams

Trams from several periods run in Milan, from the most modern and “psychedelic” to the most classic.    The most peculiar are the 1500 series trams, which date back to 1928-1930. These models of trams can also be seen in Lisbon, Oporto and San Francisco.

San Francisco’s case is even more extraordinary since the American city bought their trams from Milan.

Where to purchase the tram tickets?

The tickets for the tram (or any other means of transport in Milan) can be purchased in the metro stops, kiosks or off-licenses.

If you are planning to use Milan’s public transport, we recommend buying several one-way tickets or buying a 24-hour or 48-hour travel pass.

Schedule and frequency

Trams run in Milan from 4:30 am – 5 am until 2 am – 2:30 am at night. On 25 December and 1 May, the trams run from 7 am until 7:30 pm.


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