Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) is Milan’s largest international airport and with the most passengers. Over 28 million travelers travel to and from Malpensa each year, making it the second most important airport in Italy, after Fiumicino Airport in Rome.

With 28 million yearly passengers, Milan-Malpensa Airport (MXP) is second only to Rome's Fiumicino.

One of the downsides of this airport is that it's quite far away from Milan’s city centre. It's located 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Milan.


Malpensa Airport has two terminals which are quite far apart, so we recommend checking which terminal you fly out of because the bus or train to get to each terminal can vary. If you do make a mistake and go to the wrong terminal, don’t worry since both terminals are connected by a free shuttle that runs every 7 minutes.  

Normally most traditional airlines fly from Terminal 1, and Terminal 2 is for low-cost airlines, especially EasyJet.

Getting to Milan from Malpensa Airport


Two train routes connect Terminal 1 to Milan’s centre: the Malpensa Express and Trenitalia. The Malpensa Express takes 50 minutes to the end of the line and runs every 20 – 40 minutes. It will take you to Milano Centrale, Cadorna or Milan Porta Garibaldi. A one-way ticket to Milano Centrale or Cadorna costs 13 (US$ 13.90) and trains run every 15 minutes approximately.


The bus company called Autostradale has a permanent bus service that connects the Central Station of Milan with Malpensa Airport’s two terminals. The buses depart from Milan to the airport from 4 am to 11 pm, if you land in Malpensa, the first bus to leave the Airport to Milan is at 6 am until 12:30 am (midnight). A bus leaves every 20 minutes and it takes nearly an hour to get to the centre.

The bus costs 8 (US$ 8.60) per journey or 14 (US$ 15) if you buy a return ticket. Children (aged between 3 and 11) pay 5 (US$ 5.40) per journey.

Transfer service

The easiest and most comfortable option is to book a private airport transfer service. A chauffeur will be waiting for you at your Terminal with a sign with your name on it and will take you directly to your hotel. If you want a hassle-free journey and to avoid being misunderstood or ripped off, you can book a private airport transfer online. The service costs 106 (US$ 113.50).


Malpensa is quite far from Milan’s city centre; therefore, taking a taxi is rather expensive. The journey has a fixed price of 100 (US$ 107.10). The taxi driver shouldn’t apply any extra charges. It takes 50 minutes to get to Milan.

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